Ethnic tourism is a great way to learn more about your roots or to study the history of the people of scientists, lovers. Thanks to such an innovation in tourism companies, many have even found their distant relatives in foreign lands. Sometimes people visited the places where their parents, grandparents lived, or they themselves had been evicted from these suburbs in their distant youth.

Ethnic tourism participants are mostly elderly people who have previously lived in the area. The main part of the programs and the purpose of the visit – individual (or small family groups) visits to different regions. The tourist resources for ethnic tourism are rich and unique. These are architectural monuments, museum exhibits, archival materials, beautiful natural sites. Taken together, this creates favorable conditions for relaxation and familiarization with the history and culture of the people.

Ethnic tourism can be both internal (for example, visiting the outskirts of townspeople to get acquainted with archaic speeches, folklore, life, culture and languages ​​of indigenous peoples), and external, which is associated with visiting the historical homeland or birthplace of relatives.