Дніпропетровська обласна рада

Дніпропетровська обласна рада



The Dnipropetrovsk region welcomes


Welcome to Dnepropetrovsk - an unread book of Ukraine. Edge-riddle and edge-intrigue. Extraordinary history and talented people.
In the period of Kievan Rus (IX-XII centuries AD), this land was one of the main trade routes of medieval Eastern Europe "From the Varangians to the Greeks", connecting the Baltic countries with the Crimea and the capital of Byzantium - Constantinople.
This place became the birthplace of one of the first democratic democracies in Europe, which, in fact, was the Zaporozhye Sich. Five of the eight known Zaporozhye Sichs were located in the territory of the region.
On this land, according to ancient traditions, stood the stone of the Sorcerer, who set travelers "Left to go - to lose a horse, right to go - to lose life, to go straight to living"
This is where the art of Petryk painting was born - a business card of Ukraine, known all over the world.
Many amazing discoveries await the guests of the area

Dnipropetrovsk is waiting for you!

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